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I am a native New Yorker, living currently in New Jersey. Recently lived in a small Brooklyn apartment crammed with paintings and books, Self-tuaght, I been painting as a youngster going strong at it since early-Eighties. Have thousands of paintings and drawings in the house. Been in group shows around the New York Area and one in Europe. Have a particular interest in early popular recording history, especially in the songs of Billy Murray and Henry Burr, two of the giants and like to use these two in my work a good deal on a metaphorical level. I was reading at a very young age and continue to this day to be a prolific book reader.

My Artist Statement

My whole attitude towards my art is that it should have a point, not just be in and for itself. Art since the beginning of time has had something to say and given the viewer something to take with him. My art is an attempt at spiritual growth and understanding, spiritual in the sense o discovering my personal truth and the truth in my eyes of contemporary humanity. I'm not interested in following any painting rules necessarily, but making a point in whatever is the best way possible. Colors are the most effective way to express feelings in my work. I like to be confrontation in my work, like to throw the thoughts and emotions at the viewer. If I can force the viewer to feel and/or reflect, then the work is a success as far as I'm concerned. At the same time aim for humor and irony and try to avoid taking myself too seriously.

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I am located in River Edge, NJ.

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