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Melodie Douglas is a contemporary realist artist working in both acrylic and pastel. She was born and rasied in Harrison Hot Springs, BC and currently resides in Abbotsford BC, She started embracing her artistic talents in 1995 when she was first introduced to decorative art. She went on to open up a Painting Studio/retail store, where she taught various techniques related to decorative art. Melodie believes that to be an artist means to be a perpetual student and continues to study under other talented artists and teachers.

My Artist Statement

The creation of a painting is magical, watching it slowly come to life, the ebb and flow of placing colour, the brush moving across the canvas balancing each aspect until it becomes the vision I imagined. As I paint, memories often surface, of a time or place, it can bring back the feel of a gentle breeze on a summers day, or the scent of a fragrant rose, or even the sound of children laughing.

As a artist I am inspired by natures beauty, the play of light, shadows, and reflections intrigue and challenge me.

My Location

I am located in Abbotsford, BC.

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