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Obsessed with finger painting at age 3 and later enthralled by paint by numbers at the young age of 10, I was always finding ways to explore my artistic tendencies through paint. A lefty to my very core, I couldn’t get enough of the art classes available in my small hometown of Magnolia, Texas. Immediately following High School, I moved to a town right outside of Austin, Texas, where I received my double BFA in Painting and Photography in 2010 at Texas State University. I had the opportunity to take photography and art history classes in Florence, Italy during the summer of 2009. It was there that I realized my artistic practice was something much more than a hobby, and would be my career, my life, my obsession. After getting accepted into the graduate program at the San Francisco Art Institute, I wasted no time moving to California to continue pursuing and broadening my artistic career. There, I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in Painting in 2012, while gaining incomparable experience through interaction with my peers, working under incredible mentors, and as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate course at SFAI. I have since moved back to Houston, Texas, where I continue to nurture and explore my artistic career .

My Artist Statement

The intimate experience of being alone is something I have been interested in for quite some time. It is something that is familiar to all of us, yet uncomfortable for some. My work is focused on exposing this shared experience on a universal level. I paint intimate moments. Moments that might seem mundane or insignificant, but that I find to be the true essence of our existence. I paint both entwined couples and solo figures in emotionally captivating positions. My loose, expressive painting style is meant to further illustrate the intangible yet complex emotions that we experience as individuals. I like the idea of a color representing someone being enveloped by the space they are in. Exploring the weight of space, I create layers of oil paint to mask or encroach upon the subjects, creating an ambiguous reality.

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I am located in Houston, Texas.

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