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My Artist Statement

About me:
Hi, I'm Michaela Maria, an artist from southern Germany, currently studying ceramics @ professional school for ceramics in Landshut. I previously studied architecture for 4 years @ Technical University Berlin. During this time I gained an in-depth knowledge of design which I now combine with my never ending creativity.

To me there isn´t any difference in painting with a brush or painting with the computer, I like to do both kinds of every case it is the feeling and thinking of a person who says to the brush or the computer what to paint on the canvas/ paper/ computer, it´s the knowledge and the talent of a person, which makes a beautiful artwork.

About my art:
New Media - Digitalized Drawings
Most of my creations are based on pencil drawings which I rework in Photoshop. I having been drawing ever since I was able to use a pencil and I'll never stop. I love to draw anywhere, anytime ...

I'm also interested in photography - preferably original photos which are not reworked with computer programs

Interior graphic design:
I create project-work designs which could be used for instant interiors or decorations such as wallpapers, drapes, posters, postcards, covers or patterns for unique tiles, carpets and curtains ...

The pictures shown are DIN A5 size/mid quality. The originals are created DIN A3 size in highest quality but can be enlarged up to DIN A 0 size in very good quality.

I do acrylics and aquarells, sometimes mixed with other materials to create an 3d-effect.

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My Location

I am located in 84034 Landshut, Bayern - Germany.

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