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I have been painting since childhood, and teaching art and humanities in Europe and United States for twenty years. After decorating some houses in Los Angeles, including my own, I have decided to open an art studio, called EcoDeco, dedicated to making decorative, environmentally friendly wall art, that would complement any home. I hope you like my art and appreciate my ideas!

My Artist Statement

"For me, art is, and should be, an integral part of life. Artworks are part of the ever evolving creative process which connects people, nature, and everything else in the Universe. In my works of art I am trying to capture glimpses of this essence, that I like to call the never ending "harmony of chaos," which I believe is the only universal rule ever existed. It consists of patterns, repetitions and balance. The only way to achieve this is by making artworks which are environmentally conscious, contemplative and intuitively comprehensive. "

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I am located in Pacific Palisades, .

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