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Born and bred to a ripe North Eastern Madness deep in the crazed lands of Southern New england, MJ is a surrealist fine art cartoonist, photographer, sculpter, painter, writer/director and master mind of, a neo-surrealist fine art stidio that specializes in styalized art bent on exploring edgy and dark, ironic provokative themes straight-jacketed in a bold-quirky cartoon cast. The Art Work rages in price from $150.00 to $6500 scattered amongst Limited Edition sets & Original digital paintings & photography prints, amoung other mediums. MJ perpetually pushes the bounderies of his creative vision while exploring an ever expanding arsenal of new meidiums. Gals and Fella'z! Kick back & Enjoy The Eye Candy! Because friend, his art exists to make you asked questions! To drop an avalanche of trancendance across any given surface!

My Artist Statement

Like the blood spattered walls of a crime scene, each piece of art I make can be thought of as the splatter pattern from an explosion of my subconscious. Once arranged in any given sequence, each individual piece is a pictorial presentation of the stresses and tensions imprinted on my spirit at a certain time in my life.
Through the digital medium, I attempt to use bold color and line as the expressionists do, to relate a wordless message about my state of mind at the time of the pieces creation. Other influences come from fascinations with surrealist features such as unexpected juxtapositions and the element of surprise.
While striving to create questions about the nature of reality, mystery and the seduction of intrigue in the viewers mind, I attempt to tackle my own deep-seeded obsession with the adrenaline of fear, a fascination of the unknown and the unknowable in order to understand more fully, what often times appears to be, an inexplicable, and improbable existence strung together by one beautiful disaster after another.
In addition, I attempt to channel the spirit of the dada movement as it relates to the taboo and somber subject matter in the idea of the meaninglessness of the modern world, and being able to accept this without feeling a bruise form on our precious ids. I attempt to inflict an ironic tone to the often dark or edgy and provocative subject matter by mummifying each piece in a cartoon style to lend a whimsical element, a sense of that ever elusive, and enigmatic silver lining.

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I am located in Cleveland , Ohio.

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