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Coming from an artistic family, I picked up my love for art at a early age. It all started in the early 80's, when I was in the 6th grade. Back then I saw art totally different.The birth of graffiti art had developed. I tried to learn as much and as fast as I could to express my artistic ability. So I began to take every art class available. Shortly after I would be asked by teachers to participate in art related activities such as banners or anything art related. By the time I entered high school, I had began creating my own unique style of art. My friends would constantly ask me to draw pictures for them. During the time I felt different and had a lot to show. When I entered college I only took a couple of art classes but instead I decided to take art in my own hands. Traveling down to The Advertising Arts College was a pretty interesting experience, and what they offered in school was nice but I just didn't feel right in the graphic design department, so I left the scene. Once again, I had to be on my way towards another triumph in my life. My painting career didn't start until Feb. of 97. I remember the very first piece I did, which was in oil and it came out quite nice. I wasn't too impressed with the overall results though. Shortly after I discovered acrylics and I have been using it ever since. The quick drying process plays such a big role for me. May of 97 brought me my very first art show.I did well and it earned me recognition for my paintings. Dec. of 99 brought me my very first major show, which was held in New York. The results and experience were excellent. Since then, I have kept myself busy by painting until I can't adorn anymore. In closing I must say that I will continue to seperate myself from all other forms of art. Establishing a form of uniqeness is key for me.Then again I have not reached my artistic peak. While my creative juices are on a constant flow, it is also important to keep my works of art very visible to the public eye. With an array of paintings underneath my belt, and shows ranging from California, Washington, Portland and New York. It simply tells me as an artist and as a person, that I have truth & dedication to this passion we all refer to as art..... LIST OF EVENTS: Community Center On Ford Ord, Seaside, CA May 1997/ The Art Show, Monterey, CA 1998/ Erotic Art Show, Monterey, CA Feb 1999/ Stephen Gang Gallery, New York, NY Dec 1999/ Erotic Art Show, Monterey, CA Feb 2000/ Erotic Art Show, Monterey, CA Feb 2001/ The West Coast Project, Monterey, CA March 2002/ The Virtual Gallery, San Diego, CA July 2003/ Alberta Street Market, Portland, OR August 2006/ Salon De Ju Ve, Portland, OR Feb 2008/ STREET FAIRS: Vancouvers Farmers Market, Vancouver, WA/ The Last Thursday, Portland, OR/ ONLINE GALLERIES That featured my art:, PUBLICATIONS: B.T. Magazine 2006/ New Art International Anniversary Edition Annual 2012

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I honestly want to give my viewers something Original and Unique to look at. A lot of my Art has depth, therefore it should grab you mentally and visually. It's important that I keep my works very interesting because I do want to Tap in that side of your brain...

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I am located in Monterey , CA.

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