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I have been drawing for over 20 yrs. I am self taught. I learned the old fashioned way, which is by trial and error. I learned to paint the same way. When I can I enter exhibitions and have had pieces shown in exhibitions held at MCCC and a solo exhibition held in Trenton.

My Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I draw what I am passionate about. I draw my feeliings, hopes and dreams. I give my passions, feelings hopes and dreams life through drawings paintings and pastels. In essence it is how I express myself. Since we use visual cues to express ourselves, I use art to show, to share a little bit of myself. It is my story in art. Because as an artist I share not only my passions but how I see things. And if through my art, people are impassioned to see things differently than they once did, then I have done my job as an artist.
Because as an artist, you not only show the subjects of your art but how you you feel about them as well. And just maybe if I could get just one person to not only appreciate my art for it's own sake but for the subject matter as well. What I mean is if some one looks at my picture of Secretariat for example and instead of just thinking it is a nice picture but look at it and actually looks up Secretariat and discovers he accomplished unheard of things. And goes at least wow, that is why he is such a big deal. Or if they see my ocean mural and enjoy it enough to think that the ocean is a magestic and wonderous place and ought to be preserved, so we won't only have pictures of what it was once was. Because when people see my art, I want people to not only appreciate the art but what it signfies as well, either it be my racing scenes, wildlife, or the people that I choose as subjects.
When I paint I use acrylics and when I draw I go old school and draw with a wooden pencil. And when I use pastels I use soft pastels basically for the simple fact they are easy to mix with other pastels, charcoal and pencils both graphite and colored. And the reason for acrylic paints is because they are easier to mix together and they will last a lot longer than oils. Also I choose the colors with the subject matter in mind. I mean if it is a portrait of a horse it will have colors realistic to the horse in question, if it is a portrait of a person the colors would be relevent to the person that I am painting and if it is about music it is what I like to use for the picutre; whether it is dark colors or light colors.
As previously stated I paint and draw what I feel.And my current projects are no exception. I am in thye middle of a painting of a horse with music all around and a paste portrait of a racehorse, a black and white sketch of a musican I greatly admire, another pastel related to music and an another sketch of horse running free. I haven't decided whether to make it a pastel or a charcoal sketch yet.

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I am located in Hamilton, NJ.

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