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Richard Holland


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A well collected painter/photographer/printmaker as well as an award-winning playwright.

My Artist Statement

Art is different from illustration, decoration or craft in that in each object created by an individual artist, a piece of himself/herself is clearly visible. The creating of the object in some way changes the artist and this change is felt by the observer. Art doesn't have to be pretty, but it can be. Art doesn't have to be shocking, but it may be. Art doesn't have to be found in a gallery or museum and it doesn't have to be expensive. Art is worth what you are willing to pay for the pleasure of owning it, or what you are willing to pay to keep someone else from owning it, or what the artist is willing to take to give it up. There is value in illustration, decoration and craft. There just isn't the same personal investment.

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I am located in Tenafly, NJ.

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