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Paul Sable-Snibbe


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Born in New York, Art and Architectural education, Music and Art High School.
BFA from Antioch College, Studied in Mexico and France. Contractor and Sculptor for 45 years. Speak English and Spanish and French
Building Residential and commercial Mobiles nationwide.
Fascinated with kinetic art and color interaction and high tech materials.

My Artist Statement

Artist's Statement

My work begins with a joyful lightness of being. Enraptured by color, shape, light and movement, my mind creates a playful dance integrating all four elements.
The mobile that emerges moves randomly with currents of air to a silent symphony. This kinetic dance is seen by the viewer’s eye as a balanced harmony that compliments the exterior space of the building while bringing warmth and interest to the interior space..

With an appreciation that color, shape, light and movement each must maintain their own integrity while at the same time blend effortlessly together, I shape each piece and choose each color to achieve optimal union and interaction.

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My Location

I am located in Capitola, CA.

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