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Married to screenwriter / novelist Pat Silver-Lasky, the couple decided to head for Pats homeland and left London, England for Orange County in 2009. Peters career took him from the drawing board on projects such as Concorde to Marketing Manager for international concerns: Philips, Bosch and Sanyo. During this time he painted and sold over 400 watercolors echoing the Chinese style of brushwork and subjects: horses, cats and dogs.
He continued to draw as he ran a small advertising/promotion company. Peter returned to an earlier skill and in the ensuing years supplied cartoons and magazine covers to magazines and newspapers. He has had eight books of cartoons published in the U.K. His return to painting is prompted by his love of living in America.
Peter takes time out from his Contours paintings to write an occasional blog. This highlights aspects of his past life encompassing his extraordinary days as a film extra in the U.K., before he emigrated to California. Stories include his doubling for Paul McCartney, Jon Voight (as Lara Crofts father), memories of Harry Potter and more.
His cartoons continue to expand The Wacky World of series which includes Doctors, Lawyers, Workers, Handyman and others. Also growing is his collection of KickerSoccer Dude series of daily cartoons which are beginning to appear on the blog page attached to his website.

My Artist Statement

With ‘Contours’, British artist Peter Betts offers a unique view of the land he now lives in. This collection of paintings and limited edition prints offers a topographical perception of a widening circle of U.S. locations starting from his home in Orange County. The specific elevations and color combinations create subtle and exciting impressions.
Peter says, “The title ‘Contours’ suits the subject matter which consists of highs and lows of the location. I may soften the lines but the heights somewhat dictate what I paint. I’ve chosen different elevations or ‘contours’ for each painting and different colors for the various heights. The concept is original and buyers tell me that it is unique.
So far, the portfolio has generated great interest, not the least for the use of the butterfly device in my early Contours paintings. Some viewers find it has a distinct appeal and a role to play explaining the colors which are not monochromatic, and which do not replicate a geophysical survey map. For others, butterflies distract within a purely abstract painting.
I’ve taken cognizance of 'don’t distract the abstract'. Current paintings have the device adhered to the back of each original.”

Peter recently has been invited by the city of Mission Viejo to mount the first exhibition of his work. It is at the Mission Viejo library (located at Marguerite Parkway and La Paz). His portfolio, labelled ‘Contours’ consists of abstracts based on the topography of places he has chosen in the USA.
The exhibition runs from Friday Dec 2, 2011 through Jan 26th 2012.

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I am located in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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