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My Artist Statement

My work focuses on bringing forth the immense intrigue in everyday scenes—whether it connotes a mountainous landscape; the swirl of a fishing line; the quiet sublimity reflected by a light beam in a slot canyon; or a waterway with just the strokes of receding light to color it. I strive to capture what moves me on an emotional and aesthetical level. In pursuit of that, I visualize the image I want; and sometimes will happen upon the serendipity of something elusive—like a bird on the wing painted by a fading sun. My ultimate goal is to bring about a commitment to cherish the environment and a resolve to conserve our ever-diminishing natural habitats. The body of the current work has been photographed from the Carolinas through the Everglades and Florida Keys; and from the southwestern states of Arizona and Utah to the Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The work includes land- and sea-scapes; wildlife; waterfalls; Fall colors; desert and mountainous vistas; and slot canyons.

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