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I was born in Israel and came to the States to study architecture. I received my
Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. Currently a practicing architect and artist, I dedicate my time to both art and architecture. I own my own firm in the San Francisco Bay Area and have served a full term of seven years on the Design Review Board for the City of El Cerrito and am currently a member of the City of El Cerrito Arts Commission.

My Artist Statement

In my artwork I explore various ways to express themes through colors and lines. I mirror these sentiments and explore the use of music and dance as a visual metaphor in my paintings. The actors and the instruments are interposed to create an organic and harmonious union. The figures have a touch of ornamental, complimenting the delicate form of the instruments. Clean lines and sharp silhouettes are the hallmark of my carefully constructed compositions. The architecture of each piece is finely articulated and rendered, juxtaposing circular planes and linear motifs to create a sense of movement within each painting. It is my intent through these settings of vibrant scenes to transport the viewer into a state in which the musical and the visual are inextricably linked.

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