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A Self Taught Artist, born in Honolulu Hawaii, Claudette works and plays in California these days. A Surrealist at heart, she became interested in Salvador Dali's work while living in Hawaii and began collecting selected pieces of his wood cut "Divine Comedy" series. His work inspired her to begin painting again after 14 years of inactivity while she raised her children. Now at the ripe age of 55, Claudette is going strong as an Artist painting in Oil on Canvas, working with Mixed Media of sorts experimenting and living life large as a Surrealist. In contact with fellow artists, she organizes Critiques, Plein Air gatherings and Exhibitions to promote her work along with fellow artist friends. Developing her own Website and Art Books of her work and poetry, she does not waist a minute. Involved in Exhibiting in the International Art Expo in New York 2011, her work was taken to a new level, now seen Locally, Nationally and Internationally ~ "I Keep Creating to Keep the Passion as I am a Surrealist at Large, Viewing Life differently/magically through the Eyes of an Artist" ~

My Artist Statement

I Create because I feel Compelled to Create, painting first for Myself and second for others. Life is so short, to begin again in this moment and time would be a Dream Come True. I feel blessed to have the gift of being an Artist. With the struggle comes the joy when others are Moved by what I create so I would be Lost without this ability. If I move the viewer, in any way, get a reaction of any kind, I have done my job and met my purpose.

My Location

I am located in Pleasanton, CA.

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