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Debra Murray: Fashion designer and Illustrator; Debra is best known for her women's Wearable Art Clothing Line. Born in Brooklyn, New York. Graduated from the High School of Art & Design In NY and The Fashion Institute Of Technology. My first job during in High School was creating artwork for a major Screen Printing Company in Manhattan. I designed the artwork and hand painted the salesman sample. That opened the door which immersed me into the world of fashion design & painting on fabric using my techniques. I worked for many companies designing children and women's sleepwear. Debra launched her Wearable Art business in the mid-1990s and the unique women's clothing designs caught the eye of WWD Publications that lead to an editorial which got stores calling for orders. Debra had two stores in Manhattan, featured on TV, Debra sold to high end stores on Madison Avenue. Celebrities,Patti Labelle and Author Danielle Steele have purchase her Wearable Art clothing. Debra's work is shown often at juried fined art & craft shows where she's won ribbons for best in show for design & high quality craftsmanship. Her new product line is Home Decor Dog pillows Motifs, that's named "Diggity Dog" created from my oil painting's. I'm revisiting my whimsical side and much more to come!! I believe that art enriches our lives just like Jazz it feeds the spirit.

My Artist Statement

Artist Statement:
I use panache to express a style on canvas and fabric. I focus on detail and originality in my artwork by mixing paint colors, textures and embellishments. I am an artist/designer, so the scope of my creative imagination does not lock me into a specific category; mix media, painting, whimsy, pillows and home decor are just some my expressions of work. What sparks my creative process are the melodies of jazz music; it's relaxing, stimulating and it allows my mind the freedom to visualized designs. I have won numerous awards from fine art shows and have been featured on television shows and in editorials of various publications.
Growing up in Brooklyn, New York inspired me seeing very creative & talented people from all walks of life express their art. So when I create art it speaks to your soul & spirit, the energy in my designs is always thinking out of the box. My wearable art clothing & accessories focus of attention is to detail & quality that captures my customers love for elegant & innovative designs. My paintings are done in oil paints using a brush. I get more detail from oil paints than from using acrylics. Art is my passion, my life and my talent that drives my spirit to a beauty of life.

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I am located in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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