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I majored in painting and print making in college and became involved in photography during my senior year. I have now been involved in photography for over 40 years. I owned and operated a photography business for more than 35 years engaged in wedding photography, senior portraits, underclass school day portraits, and commercial product photography. During the last decade I have become more involved in producing photographic fine art images. I have received numerous awards locally, nationally and internationally. My images have been published in Popular Photography Magazine, Canada’s PhotoLife Magazine, B&W Magazine, Color Magazine, Focus Magazine, Trierenberg Super Circuit Publication in Austria, Black River Calendar Publishing and also a number of local publications. Photography and the making of images for me is a great adventure.

My Artist Statement

My approach to photography is as a medium for making images. The camera is a tool, much like a paint brush or chisel. I do not wish to, nor can I reproduce reality. I must be content to make an interpretation of “what my eyes see and my mind envisions”. One learns to look and see within the capabilities that the camera and the computer can accomplish.
There are those photographers who say they do not manipulate their photographic images. But manipulation begins as soon as one takes up the camera, by choosing subject, lenses, shutter speeds, ISO settings, and how one frames or crops the subject matter at hand. This is all before any computer work is done. A photograph purely mechanically recorded by the camera is machine made and is devoid of human elements of vision, interpretation and passion. I personally like to make images that are striking and contain an element of drama.

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I am located in Grand Rapids, MIchigan.

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