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Discovering unique ways to apply paint has been a focus on mine over the years. Inspired by Jackson Pollack as an Art student 25 years ago pushed me to find unique tools to paint with and unique ways of using them. As technology advanced and my career as a Graphic Designer grew, my experience on the Apple computer has allowed me to use the Mac as the ultimate art box. The final native file of each design is built in Illustrator and considered a vector based file. This means that each design can be custom colored and is scalable to any size without loosing resolution. Each file can also be replicated and is suitable for limited runs each identical to the next. This allows the possibility of output at whatever scale seems appropriate to the image. Micro levels of image can be scaled up to macro pieces of art. The series of works highlights and reflects the patterns of movement, inspiration and growth that occur in my interior and exterior life. My aim is to create images that enliven and invigorate at the individual and community levels.

My Artist Statement

Abstract watercolor paintings applied by using a broom as a brush twisting and turning as I go. After multiple colorful layers are dry, each free-flowing detail is outlined by hand in pen and ink. Each painting is then digitized and harvested on the Apple Computer for their fluid designs. Using the mouse as my brush and the Mac as my palette has allowed me to explore the cellular structure of color and form. You can see more digital paintings at

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I am located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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