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My Artist Statement

As a Luminist, the emphasis of my glass art focuses on the effects and interplay of light and detail. While iridescent, opalescent or mirrored glass largely functions as my background canvas, I use dichroic glass or fused glass elements as my tool to create impressions or brushstrokes. To achieve a multi-layered effect in my kiln-formed work, I use previously fired glass elements, non-fired glass, powders, micas and paints, stacking, layering and piecing to create atmosphere. Because I desire and demand an established level of detail, appearance and quality, I use a wet belt sander and other tools during my finishing process to obtain a uniform and meticulous result with consistent and clean edges. The steel that frames my glass are my designs and are integral to the overall quality and feel of my kiln-formed glass art.

To achieve a sculptural effect in my mosaic work, I build up the wood substrate with layers of hand-shaped wood pieces. To intensify the textural and sculptural construct of my mosaic art objects, many times I use previously fired glass elements, smalti and natural elements such as pyrite, river rock, or metal etched skeletonized leaves mounting those to achieve a strong focal point, balance and atmosphere.

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I am located in Loveland, CO.

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