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I spent 25 years of my life being a commercial photographer, always considering that at some point I would shift my energies back to my original desire to create art with paint.

While photographing François Gilot and her husband Jonas Salk, François rekindled the muse and refocused my creative photographic outlet back to brush and canvas. She was very inspirational. There is no doubt that painting was built into every cell of her being.

Being a photographer can teach you much about painting, certainly composition and lighting. But it also forced me to consider true creativity. The dilemma for me was interpretive or non-interpretive art. I could photograph someone and make them look stunning or loaded with charm and character. It seemed it was much easier and more “real” than trying to capture their essence with a paintbrush. I wanted to achieve true originality and that led me to a pure abstract approach to painting.

It’s almost impossible to create a painting without being influenced by someone or something. We’re all motivated by feelings and experiences. My personal style emulates no one…and I am personally proud of that fact. I try to maintain total originality and avoid any type of influences. That being said…

My father started out as a sign painter and became a house painter and then eventually sold paint in his own stores. As I was growing up, paint was always part of our daily lives starting with my dad’s overalls to his heavily spattered shoes. I was fascinated by all the colors and how they influenced each other, and thanks to the inventor of Zolatone, I became fascinated with the merging of colors in the spackled context. Every good painter knows the importance of color; there is no better way to show the beautiful colors of paint than with paint chips. As a kid I was always playing with paint chip samples, mixing and matching colors when I was suppose to be doing some sort of odd job that my dad assigned me during summer breaks. When you look at one of my truly original paintings you can pick up some of these influences, especially in my early works.

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