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About rosaperu2

I am an artist living in NYC. Studied at Columbia University and at The Arts Students League.
I have been painting since 1990. I am originally from Lima-Peru in South America.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement:

My paintings are serene, gentle and happy. I portray positive feelings and contentment thru color. I look at the world as a big adventure of sad and happy things that can take the course I want thru my paintings. It is a way of changing your experiences and transforming them into anything you would like. Then I hang them in my living room and enjoy how I changed things around me. What I see is what I want.

I find them quite healing since their mere purpose of existence is to take me somewhere beautiful or exciting where I would like to be at any given moment. My paintings help me to transform my feelings into something light and serene which allows me to direct my thoughts into something that will get my attention and divert any sad experiences. I live my life and change it too . I do this through my paintings. When looking at them I know the course I took to resolve something or to move on to something new , whether it is to change the mood of life or if it is to help me direct my life to a serene and content and even happy place. My paintings are colorful, bright and decorative.