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In my youth I spent many hours at Joslyn Museum in Omaha, Nebraska. I loved wandering around and looking at all the art. Each time I was there I always noticed something new. I began seriously painting in the early 1970ís, when I spent a few years doing commissions for family and friends. But as life went on other things got in the way, and I gave up painting for a while. In the late 2000ís I found a wonderful art association that drew me in and got me to realize how much I love art, and how much I missed creating it. Iím back to my first true love, and am enjoying every minute of being able to create what I see in my mind.

My Artist Statement

Art is my passion. I draw and paint what I see, what I dream, what I want to share with others. I believe Art is a cultural expression of our society; it creates freedom of expression, inspires mental and spiritual peace, stimulates our minds, and our emotions; it encourages us to be more creative. It gives us beauty to warm our souls. I paint to share and give to others, in hopes that it sparks an interest in searching and learning more about the amazing art that is created in our world.
I am an active member and on the Board of Directors of the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire and the Pomona Valley Art Association. I am on the Board of Directors of the new Inland Empire Museum of Art (IEMA) in Southern California, working to promote the study, appreciation and understanding of art in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. Our website is

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I am located in Fontana, CA.

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