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I make my home here in the beautiful Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts where I can occasionally be found in local coffee shops with pen and sketchpad in hand. I frequent the wooded hills, the nearby lakes, and the small towns and communities, absorbing inspiration from which to paint. Being only a minute down the road from a lake with wonderful mountain vistas and a great walking and biking trail, I never try to miss a summer sunset down by the dock.
So, from this small New England hamlet, I gather up my sketches and memories, and produce my paintings.
My art, I hope,... speaks of my life.

My Artist Statement

The thing that motivates me the most with my painting is the use of color and paint. For me its all about those things. The subject can be stimulating, but only to the point that it provides a vehicle for my painting. I paint for the excitement and discovery of bringing to the canvas a visual life in paint, of new and never before seen things. Something that is new to my eyes. The act of manipulating paint upon a canvas in order to reveal something that is not apparent in the already known representation of the subject,... is exhilarating. New things can evolve from the process of painting which produce endless discoveries into the mysteries of art.

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I am located in Cheshire , Ma.

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