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Robert W. Firestone was born in 1930 in Brooklyn, New York. In 1946, at the age of 16, he enrolled at the University of Syracuse and in 1951 graduated from the University of Berkley. After which he began to paint and immediately revealed, along with his interest in psychology, a strong and persistent passion for art. During this period, he executed a series of landscapes seen in the course of his travels, as well as, while treating patients at the limits of emotional suffering, he completed numerous portraits of friends, patients and colleagues in a style which can be defined as “humanitarian expressionism”.

Working on his Ph.D, which he obtained in 1957, his attention was attracted by the theories of Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank on one hand, while on the other, the life and work of the great artists Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gaugin. He has over the years published numerous articles and books on his psychoanalytical theories, forming the “conviction of the importance of the individual and his personal liberty, associated with a deep comprehension of the human condition”. His activity as a theorist in psychotherapy and his intense expressive research has lead him in recent years to dominate masterfully the language of digital artistry. All of the inspiring motives of his creative work derive from his own human and professional experiences, as is evident in the cycles of works he has completed over the last ten years. In early 2000, he began to exhibit his work in international galleries and museums, as well as in public and private collections.

My Artist Statement

My artistic endeavors are characterized by the use of a variety of vivid and vibrant colors. Colors are important because they symbolize our feelings and emotions. As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I have helped countless people to challenge their psychological defenses and acheive close, loving relationships. Facing up to their anxieties and cofronting their personal demons allowed them to recover their deepest feelings and become more fully alive. As an artist, I wish to inspire a deep feeling for people as well and an appreciation for aesthetics. In both fields, I aspire to make an important contribution to peoples appreciations of life and personal fulfillment.

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I am located in Santa Barbara, CA.

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