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Unique and custom fine woodwork. Completely original designs. Sketched, cut, sanded, finished, and assembled 100% by hand. Custom wood work. Hand made signage, logo art, home decor, hanging sculpture, wall art. I take great pride in my work and complete everything by hand from start to finish. I do design work with Adobe design software to mockup a customer's ideas and once approved take them on the journey with me every step of the way. From color to wood type to size and details I love involving the customer in the custom art process.

My Artist Statement

I've always found my calm in working raw materials into something complete, detailed, and beautiful. I grew up in an environment where creativity was always cultivated and encouraged to flourish. My art has evolved from a series of inspirations and skills learned along the course of my life. I am constantly trying to push my boundaries and am always eager to see what lessons my next project has to teach me.

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I am located in Ventura, Ca.

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