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Personal exhibitions:

2011- Personal Exhibition "Rock Memorandum" Cultural Center "Habitus", Sibiu, Artmania International Festival ;
2008- Personal Exhibition entitled "Slices of Life" Art Theatre, Deva;
2008- Personal Exhibition of drawings entitled "Nocturne Sketches" at the House of Culture, Deva;
2007- Personal exhibition of painting entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva;
2007- Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "Death Embrace" at "Rock, Jazz &
Blues", Deva;
2006- Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Jazz", Cluj-Napoca;
2006- Personal exhibition of drawings of portraits entitled "Expressive" at "Rock,
Jazz & Blues", Deva;
Group exhibitions:
25July-10September 2013-Worldwide Collective exhibition "The Story of the
Creation" in New York City;
2013- Collective exhibition on the occasion of "Royal Day", Western University and the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara;
2013- Anniversary Art Exhibition on the occasion "University Day" at Western
University, Timisoara;
2012- Exhibition "Salon of Young Artists", 2nd edition, "Modernity,Innovation,Experiment", at the University Library BCUT Hall and Gallery Pygmalion , Timisoara.
2011-2012- Exhibition of objects and layouts ArtZept 2011, Zepter International Design Contest,"Box for everything and for nothing" project exhibited in a traveling exhibition organized by Zepter International,Italy;
2011- The MA painting exhibition , Class of 2011, at the Faculty of Arts and Design, U.V.T., Timisoara;
2011- Exhibition "Im Kontext" - Hans Schnell Internationale Kunst der Gegenwart, Austria, alongside famous artists such as Josef Beuys, HANS SCHNELL, PAUL SCHNEIDER, EMIL SCHUMACHER etc.
4-30June 2010- The First Year MA Students Exhibition of painting,"Entropy Need" at Pygmalion Gallery of Art House, Timisoara;
2010- Exhibition "Open Gallery", with the painting "Metamorphosis" at the Art Center Gallery "Forma", Deva;
2010- Group Exhibition of Timisoara Western University students with the
painting,"Death Embrace" Arad;
2010- Group exhibition "City Days", with the painting "Sunset Boulevard",Campina;
2009 - Group exhibition of the University of Art and Design Graduates,Painting Department, Class of 2009 with the series of painting, entitled, "The Fall of Adam" at
the Expo Transilvania Center,Cluj-Napoca;
2009- Group exhibition,"Visual Arts Salon" with the painting,"Metamorphosis" Art Museum, Timisoara;
2006- Group exhibition of Fine Arts and Music High School "Sigismund Toduta" Graduates with graphic illustrations for the book: "Adam and Eve" by Liviu Rebreanu the Certificate entitled "Adam and Eve" at the Art Center Gallery "Forma", Deva;

Publications and reviews:

Salonul Tinerilor Artisti,editia a 2-a,Modernitate,Inovatie,Experiment,2012-

ARTmania Festival 2011 -

SeeMee The story of the Creative Exihibition 2013

My Artist Statement

Pantea Dorina Maria, born on 11/23/1987 in Deva, graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Department of Painting, UAD Cluj-Napoca, I studied fine arts under the guidance of Romanian contemporary art names such as John Sbarciu, Florin Maxa.
Then I perfected the knowledge acquired in the West University, Faculty of Arts and Design, Department of Painting - Sources and Resources of the image, following Master courses supported by renowned professors such as: Daniela That, David Carol, Ileana Pintilie . My work includes traditional paintings, figurative or abstract, original concepts, photo, photo - manipulation, digital art.
Over the years of study in faculty and master, I gained training and values necessary for any artist. Also I consider that, the diversity in ideas and concepts is an essential addition to the development and introduction of the "new" in the image, and the image has more influence for the one who look at the picture or painting.
What I mean is that I am, professionally trained in both traditional and digital art, but always there are new things to learn, just to be given the chance to do so.
The new values that I would bring in the art world are related to the image diversity, originality but also the ideas that are transformed through my personal artistic vision would become not only feasible but also of impact revealing my inner world,specific to everyone person.

My Location

I am located in Deva, Europe.

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