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Scott Trent is a metal sculptor, academic and founding director for the Henderson Art Project. He completed his Ph.D. in 2011 at the University of Texas at Dallas, with an emphasis in digital design and interest in information design, digital rhetoric, virtual communication and media based collaboration. He currently teaches disciplines of Design in the school of Arts and Technology at UTD. Scott has been creating and selling art work for the past ten years, he is currently the artist in residence for the city of Frisco, and his most recent artistic accomplishment is having a piece purchased and donated to the Dallas Holocaust Museum for permanent placement.

My Artist Statement

Scott is a Dallas, Texas artist that uses found metal in his work.
Art provides a venue to express his passions and a medium for continual introspection.
By listening to the metal and understanding the creation process, he discovers
shapes and forms previously unknown.
Scott attempts to express a sense of sentience in every piece, using a hard, non malleable medium, he finds forms and shapes that express emotions.
Metal sculpting allows him to create a space that reflects his perspective and a process
that resembles his approach to life.

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I am located in Frisco, Texas.

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