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Growing up in Armenia, I developed a keen interest in modern art. My first works dating in early 90's consisted of abstract wood sculpture and assemblage using tree roots and other found objects. Later on I developed a strong interest in painting, but it wasn't till 2009 when I decided to take art classes and start painting.

I moved to the United States in 1998 for education where I later settled down. I have been studying painting at the Art Student's League of New York since 2009. I started off with figurative painting but was quickly drawn to abstract art, in particular to hard-edge geometric abstraction. Most of my paintings are based on digital designs that I make over a period of time and later use them as blueprints for my paintings. But when it comes to collage and assemblage I make them without a specific plan in mind. I rely on intuition to create my art work.

My art works have been part of group exhibitions at the Art Student's League of New York, A.T. Kearney, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, Manhattan Borough President's Office, Still Point Art Gallery and other venues.

My Artist Statement

My geometric abstract works explore the inner world of the Human Being. It is one holistic subject matter representing both the individual and our collective society at a theoretical, abstract level. My art is an intuitive expression of what we as humans experience, think and feel throughout our lives.

A key part of my art is color. I use solid colors mixing and creating hues that are very personal. On the other hand I have geometric shapes. The simplicity and unambiguity of primary geometric shapes such as rectangle, circle or triangle help me to make clear and concise statements. Using solid and uniform colors with primary geometric shapes enables me to express myself much more clearly and convincingly than I could have done with other means. Ideas, feelings, thoughts and their interactions are represented by a dynamic interplay of color and non-representational forms. My works talk about a situation or a state of mind that we may experience collectively or individually. They are usually dynamic and have energy and motion.

In my works complexity and minimalism coexist. We can’t avoid complexity because it is part of our reality. I reduce and minimize complexity observed in life hence my art may be classified as minimalism. At the same time it is more complex than what we know as minimal art. Including complexity is a way for me to stay connected with reality.

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