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My love for painting is something that I can not describe with words. I had my first show at 21 and have been in love with the art realm ever since. Colors seem to flow from every aspect of my being and the essence of who I am is swirled with what I create. To create is to inspire and to inspire is to create; there is not a day that goes by that I do not try, in one form or another, to do both. I love to able to express myself in as many ways as I can artistically with color and design. I have been so fortunate to have worked with fabulous studio mates at the Art Council of Beaufort Count in Beaufort, SC and now with local artist here in San Diego. Art to me is such an expressive personal aspect of my life that I feel the only way to expand further is through my artwork itself. I reside in San Diego, CA where I have my own studio to create inspiring pieces of art work and inspire others to create as well.

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I am located in San Diego, CA.

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