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Chizuco Sophia Yw is an award-winning visual artist based in Brooklyn New York. Sophia began her career in Japan as a representative artist. In 2000 she moved to New York to study abstract paintings.

Sophia developed her “Consciousness-only” work theory which is based on the purity and energy of life since 2003. In her drawings and paintings, Sophia creates imaginary worlds from memory and experience using a variety of media, including glass pen and brush, charcoal, colored pencil, oil, watercolor and acrylic on paper or canvas.

Sophia is the recipient of both the grand prize from ArtNetwork and the Director’s Recognition Award from Period Gallery. She has exhibited nationally and internationally at Lincoln Center (New York), Silvermine Guild Arts Center (Connecticut), Bertoni Gallery (New York), Period Gallery (Nebraska), The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Japan) and Shoko-ji temple (Japan). Sophia’s works are also in the permanent collection of the Shoko-ji temple and Osaka Medical Center as well as in many private collections.

My Artist Statement

My work is based on the “Consciousness-only” theory which assumes that creative mind can be liberated through experience.

In my paintings and drawings, I create a new space. I make an airy watery world, sometimes in which a multitude of imagined creatures come into being.
I use a variety of media: glass pen and brush, charcoal, colored pencil, oil, watercolor and acrylic on paper or canvas.

I grew up in countryside of Japan. There is surrounded by mountains and Pacific Ocean. As a child, I loved to stay outside for enjoying the nature. I was interested in the color of sky, ocean and mountains. Those color have completely changed each season in Japan.

The color I painted was my memory. The color can make atmosphere and depth in the paintings. The line makes a shape.

The shape of my drawings were inspired by images I collect from my childhood experience and the science or nature magazines - animals, flowers, insects, and micro-organisms.

The essential voice in my work is one of humor, whimsy, playfulness, wonder and beauty.

My Location

I am located in Brooklyn , NY.

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