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My company BFD Firehouse Studios originated in the 1980''s in a restored firehouse in Brooklyn. Along with my husband,Walter Kenul , our work has shown throughout the New York City Area and featured in many newspapers and magazines. We have been listed twice in H+G's black book of best artisans.� The "Oracle" a functional sculpture has been featured in the catalogue of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. It is now part of an ongoing book project.� Last year it was featured in the Black Madonna Show at the H.P. Garcia Gallery. It was also shown at the 2009 Florence Biennale. On August 13th 2011 The Oracle has it's first solo show at the Brook House Gallery in Barryville NY.

2011 has been quite an exciting year with my latest series entitled Summer Of Love installed at bethel Woods for the season. These large scale sculptures are different variations on the iconic peace sign . They found there way back to the garden as Bethel Woods is the original Woodstock site.

My Artist Statement

Great art, whether it be visual, sculptural, functional or audio, has a presence, a spirit which is truly felt. We seek to incorporate that presence , that spirit into every piece we create.
Art is an unfounded religion whose inspiration comes from a divine source. That power is within each of us, and we should use it in everything we do, in all walks of life. It is the power of transformation. Transformation of the mundane into the divine.”

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I am located in Brooklyn, NY.

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