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Stephanie Marcus paints in her Brooklyn, NY studio after a long career as a graphic designer and photographer.
She also taught photography at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Her strong sense of composition reflects her work as a graphic designer.
Photography honed an understanding of light, and an eye for fleeting moments.

She was an art major at the High School of Music & Art in Manhattan, and graduated with honors. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University, Cum Laude, a painting student of Robert Goodnough. She earned an MA in Computer Art from The NY Institute of Technology, With Distinction. She later studied photography with Dennis Stock and Philippe Halsman.

Ms. Marcus exhibits at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC), and has been in group shows at the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Annual Exhibition, the Huntington NY Petite Gallery, Pen & Brush, the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour, Saint Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, The Multi-media Arts Gallery and a solo show at The Soho Photo Gallery.
A winner in the 2011 ArtSlant Showcase competition cycle #2.

Her work has appeared in New York Magazine, Life, New Jersey Monthly, L'Express, Esquire and various art books.

She volunteers as a Brooklyn Museum guide for NY public school students through the Learning Leaders program.

My Artist Statement

With economic uncertainty and worldwide upheavals, is there a place for art?

The beauty in color, composition, and imagination provides an oasis from widespread turmoil and power struggles, a place to find oneself and replenish the spirit. My aim is to create images to enjoy, that stimulate the viewer's imagination, and continue to resonate the more one looks at them. I paint fantasy and fun, and an offbeat view of ordinary things.

My work draws on several disciplines. Photography honed my appreciation for form and light, and an eye for motion and fleeting moments. Graphic design developed strong composition and pattern.

I paint both with oils on canvas, and digitally with computer pixels. The techniques are radically different but the underlying creative process is the same— mix new colors, create, experiment, and above all, imagine what could be on that blank surface.

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