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3824 Rg Nord St-Jean Baptiste, Quebec, Canada J0L 2B0
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Suzanne Tremblay


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Suzanne Tremblay
Professional membre of the Montreal Art team
Suzanne Tremblay has always had a passion for colours and patterns she realized she had a great talent when she discovered a Garden decoration book on mosaics.
Whilst walking through the flowered gardens of her home and taking in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, she self taught the art of ceramics by using the colours and designs created in her mind. By playing with the shapes and colours her designs come to life in movement and harmony.
After developing hers skills in ceramics, in 2005 she began her real passion of working with stained glass. With her own unique of style her first commission was a 4x8 mural The Pomona, Goddess of fruits and orchards a drawing by artist Josée Brisson.
Her work has been exported to the USA, Great Britain and Europe.
Suzanne saw a niche in the market for useful attractive and affordable pieces and after many experiments her new and attractive small mosaics were born in the spring of 2011.

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I am located in St-Jean Baptiste, Quebec, Canada.

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