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Natasha Geoffroy � Artist
Born � In the Himalayan mountains
Zodiac� Leo
A few of her favorite things � Horses & cats & motorbikes

Destined not to have a conventional upbringing - Natasha grew up in culturally diverse countries such as: Nepal, India and Chile - where she was able to experience a universal and colorful perception of the world from an early age. She was born with a paintbrush in her hand and her larger-than-life, bright personality splashes out into a myriad of colorful and soulful canvases.

Exhibition in Paris, June - July 2013. "La femmes de la Nuit".

My Artist Statement

When I paint it's like I'm taking a part of me and rubbing it into the canvas. Each time I stop working on a piece, it feels like I've given birth. I put a lot of emotion, movement and energy into each stroke of my brush, when I stop I have to sit down and gather myself. Sometimes I feel I over-exert myself and get frustrated and annoyed with the painting and dislike it entirely! After a short while though, I grow to love each piece and find it hard to part with them. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. On my mother's side, the French side, artists of every sort go way, way down the line. Skipped a generation or two and voila, here I am. I adore Gustav Klimt. Would've loved to have painted alongside this legend. I believe that art, in all forms, is very important in our lives. Not just to create it but to appreciate it and draw inspiration and motivation from it. To feel what someone else was feeling, to see and know someone through a few selected materials. It's like wine: not entirely necessary but something you just have to indulge in. For me, what I need from a work of art is...well, I like to be transformed from reality into another world, where my imagination can run wild, no boundaries. Art that stirs my emotions and gives me visual pleasure I will hang abundantly on my walls.

My Location

I am located in Paris, France.

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