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About Greg Turner

Artist Statement

The best way to describe me is either as a portraitist (but not in the traditional sense) or as a non-representational/mixed media artist. I painted a lot of portraits when I was still a complete dilettante and hadn't yet delved into the education that artists often acquire concerning color, composition, technique and drawing skill.

I want my portraits to be representational but also to capture something intangible about the person, myself, and the world outside of overt signs or symbols normally used in visual communication. I'm striving to alternate between sensual immediacy with my portraits and the desolate beauty of the mind with my mixed media work.

I'm inspired by artists operating in the Metamodern art movement. And in Santa Fe I like Cathy Carey, Barbara Meikle, Anderson Giles, and Cara Pabst Moran. I also like Dyohei Yamashita.

Many of my ideas come from experiences I've had with my wife's family in Bali. She's Balinese and I was introduced to several villages of people there. I combine that with compositional approaches like in Lucia Salemme"s excellent book on the topic.

I try to find an artistic narrative already in a photo of a person or I try to create one by adding or altering elements.

My special talent is an intuitive sense of aesthetics. While studying music at Norther Arizona University and working at the Cline library I read all the books on aesthetic I could find. I also read and reread two very thick books on Balinese and Javanese music. That's what lead me eventually to Indonesia.

Just before I was studying music composition and taking a class on ethnomusicology in Korea, I was collecting ethnomusicological field recordings of music from all over the world and I bought a Javanese gamelan. I had it shipped to my apartment there which I eventually donated to the professsor of ethnomusicology who is an expert on hereditary Korean shamanism.

That all shows that I have a deep penetration into the non-Western art world much by way of their music and a working understanding of Balinese people in particular having lived there for over 10 years.

My favorite subject is young Balinese women.

More later...