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Terry Lee holds two degrees in piano performance, a B.Mus. and M.Mus. from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. While these degrees are not directly related to the visual arts, music has been the creative path for her appreciation of the arts.
Lee started sewing as a seamstress and tailor, and began quilting in 1993 in the traditional style. Gravitating to fiber art and art quilts, Lee credits Joan Colvin for guiding her to discover using fabric creatively in landscapes. This has served as a jumping off point for following pieces. Lee continues to take classes with quilt artists to explore techniques and concepts.
Lee is a member of the Art Quilt Association and Studio Art Quilt Association.
She has resided in Colorado since 1980, and lives at the base of Mt. Sopris in the Rocky Mountains.

My Artist Statement

While I believe my style and interests are evolving, I am drawn to subjects in nature. These may be landscapes in a recognizable form, or they may serve as the basis for an abstract interpretation. I also enjoy focusing on one element in nature such as a flower, tree, or plant. I believe that quilts guide the maker, and that an original idea may take an unexpected direction. Where possible and appropriate, I enjoy adding multiple textures and embellishments including paint, beads, yarns, and synthetic fibers.
I have two music degrees in piano performance, and I believe no one art form lives in isolation of another. Vibrations are color; harmonies and keys indicate dark or bright; melody and rhythm provide patterns. Artists take new paths to find and to express their voice.

My Location

I am located in Carbondale, CO.

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