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After studying design and furniture making under master craftsmen; Jim Litolff and Jean Michel Eber in Atlanta, I decided (with the help and blessing of my wife Staci) in 2005 to open my own studio. I do the fabrication, combining the lessons from my mentors, creating contemporary pieces with an old world aesthetic; while Staci helps to keep the business in line. She has even gotten dusty on a job or two. Together, we keep the lights on.

Since moving to Northeast GA., David Tunkel Custom Furniture has provided high end custom furniture and installations for an array of spaces, small and large, from in-town condominiums to rural Country Clubs.

My Artist Statement

My mission is to create and provide quality functional art to be cherished and admired for generations. In other words, I not only want to build you a dining room table, I want to build you the table your grandchildren will host dinner parties over. I want your handmade piece to be part of dinner table conversations and a piece of your families past, present and future.

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