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Thomas Whistance: Artist - Wood Turner. Thomas was born and raised in Canada. He grew up with a great fondness for open spaces and the appreciation of natures vast wonders. He spent many a summer exploring and canoeing along the Georgian Bay, Algonquin Park and the Rideau Canal appreciating the beauty of the natural untouched tree lines of Canada's vast forests. At a very early age, Thomas recognized he had an eye for detail, form and structure and was interested in how forms and nature fluidly mingled together. He evolved from making model airplanes to flying. Thomas became an accomplished VIP squadron military Pilot in the Canadian Air force. He had the opportunity to fly many Dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth, Lady Dianna, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and numerous foreign Heads of State. His tours of duty took him throughout North America, Europe and Africa exposing him to many cultures across the globe. Thomas in his spare time continued to challenge his artistic side with working in wood carving and glass. He fostered a keen appreciation of the many different types of wood. Later in his career, Thomas moved from the military to Corporate Chief Pilot for a well known Canadian airline entrepreneur, Maxwell Ward (Wardair). Both had an extensive appreciation of wood working. Thomas spent his down time when not flying creating and designing art pieces and furniture. Wood working and fine furniture building enhanced his eye for structure and the utilization of natural wood products from around the world. Drawing from his previous experiences, appreciation of the different cultures and types of woods throughout the world, has lent itself to Thomas’s eye to detail in his art work and his love of the fluidity of forms in “wood turning”.

My Artist Statement

I have been working with wood in some shape or form all of my adult life In 2003, my wife and I and our sons moved from Canada to New Jersey. I am now fully dedicated to wood turning and creating my art work. I have a passion for taking a natural wood, something beautiful from nature, and re-inventing it into a shape and form of equal beauty which aligns with the world's focus on "going green".

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I am located in Ringoes, New Jersey.

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