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I am a self- taught artist, was born in a 7 brothers & Sisters farmer family in the suburb of Hoi An ancient town
I have been loving art painting since my child hood. When I was at school, I had been using pencils to paint in all blank spaces of my wasted notebooks. I paint whatever I observed around my life: trees, houses, animals, family members….. My teachers, friends and family members appreciated my paintings and told me that I was artistic talent.
After the high school, I had to stop my paintings on the student’s papers and started working to earn for my family living. My life became harder after I got married and 2 children born. I had to work as worker in a construction company during the day time and as a hair dresser during the evening time to afford for my own family life. But my love on art never ends.
In 2008, I decided to live with my passion in art. I stopped working for the construction company and opened my own hair dress office where I could save for my passion. I step by step started equipping for a painting shop with daily savings from hair dressing. I have been also spending time to learn more about art painting and started made my first “professional” paintings.
At the beginning, I pained in expressionism style, describing about nature, trees and daily living around. I came to learn more experiences from the well-known talented painters who living in Hoi An and around and I read more books about contemporary fine art.
I am spiritual painter and I recognized myself in the Buddhism assays as well as in the meditation practice.
The book “The Altar Sutra of the Dharma Treasure” (or “Platform Sermons of the Sixth Patriarch”) by the Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism- Sir Hui Neng has made my painting style changing from Expressionism & Realism to the new style of Zen . I also met several Meditation Masters who has awakened me in discovering the hidden miracles in Zen and Abstract paintings. The meditation assays about life and art by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki in his books, Zen Buddhism, The Zen and Doctrine of No-Mind contributed to make my drawings more enlightened, flexible, ethereal…
My paintings have been sold internationally to USA, Singapore, Australia, Germany.

My Artist Statement

Art Painting has been my passion, my dream the life. I have been trying my best to continue with this passion which I will never give up. With the enlightenment and awakening from Mediation masters’ teachings as well as the books by Sir D.T Suzuki, I do hope people can find their real peace and Zen when they look at my paintings. I also do hope I can inspire other young artists in Viet Nam who have same dreams as mine to follow up their dreams in paintings from my own story.
“Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious”. Quotes from D.T.Suzuki

My Location

I am located in Hoi An, .

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