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Edward Sante Crestoni has been working in photography for over 30 years.He learned and developed a ppassion for photography in the navy at the age of 18.After a hiatus of working as a electrical contractor,Ed seriously returned to photography about 6 years ago and has never looked back. Ed's primary focus has been on nature and abandoned structures-subject matter that melds his native Chicago heritage and his life in N.Dakota before joining the navy. Ed's eye for composition and detail and his vision of light create extraordinary images of common subjects.

My Artist Statement

Photography allows me to connect with my spirit and spirit of others.We are all made of energy and when we leave this earth,too,we leave behind energy transformed. That is what my photography is about....capturing energy in a souls work. My unique perspective stems from my background and experiences...the technical/mechanical aspects of my electrical work,my life in the city and the country and my spirituality.When I photograph an abandoned building,I can feel the energy of those who were there before me and I try to convey that in my work.When I photograph a flower or a path or a beach,I can see a higher power at work and feel the transcendence of nature.The photos themselve blend texture light and color to express the cycle of life-birth,death and rebirth with a spiritual perspective.

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I am located in Mt.Prospect, il.

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