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Vladimir Volosov is a recent (2011year) immigrant from St.Petersburg, Russia to USA.
His road to art was a lengthy one. Famous Scientist, Doctor of Science, Professor, winner of the State Prize, author of more than 100 scientific articles аt the age of 50 he has left scientific career and completely devoted himself to painting.
Now he is author of several hundreds paintings. Main direction in painting - lyrical realism and abstract compositions. In the ten months since his arrival to USA, he has won two gold medals at an exhibition at the «Asa Art Gallery» in New York. Vladimir has developed a new style of his own, which can be called “Still Life Within a Landscape”, where the viewer’s attention is focused on the center of the painting, while the remainder is seen by one’s peripheral vision Recently, the artist had developed a new style on his own, which can be called “Still life within landscape”. The viewer’s attention is focused on the center of the painting, while the remainder is seen by peripheral vision. This is after all the very way we look at objects and scenes that interest us. In order to achieve this effect the artist intentionally does not define the edges of the painting. The “unfinished” quality provokes the viewer to think and fill the rest with his own imagination.
Volosov's works are in galleries and private collections in Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Israel and Japan.
Awards and prizes
In 2004 he became a full member of Derzhavin’s Academy of Art
In 2010 he was awarded two gold medals at the exhibition in «Asa Art Gallery» New York

My Artist Statement

Painting is neither work no rest for me,it is joy. In each of my pictures I share this joy with my spectators

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I am located in Boston, MA.

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