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Bring realistic, fantasy and fashionable flavor into your living spaces.”

Zagro Mosaic is professional in providing unique and modern glass tile repeating patterns. As light touches the high quality textures of Zagro mosaic, there is a new combination of effects that create the most unique and futurist atmospheres one can think of, while keeping the necessary balance between aesthetics and practicality.

All Tiles is 3/4” square (2cm) assembled in modules allowing designers the ability to repeat the pattern without interruption. Plus, since the tiles are so small, modules just gloss over both curved and flat surfaces with ease. We are confident that our tiles can make a perfect focal point in any interior or outer space, including walls, floors, kitchens, pools, bathrooms, spas, murals, fountains and more. The vibrant combination of different mosaic tiles creates a graphic look that is modern and elegant.

Unique Style
Our professional designer provides fashionable and unique mosaic designs. No matter what style you think or like, you also can choose your ideal tile in Zagro Mosaic. Also, we would like to update mosaic design regularly to satisfy for your future requirement.

Attractive Price
Normally the repeat pattern mosaic tiles retail at your local flooring center is over $35 per square foot (not including any sales tax and shipping fee). Also, many traditional mosaic tiles are low-priced but their color combination is so simple and boring. In order to hope customer will have another choice to choose these modern mosaic tiles, the retail price of all Zagro’s mosaic tiles is US$16.5 per square foot (free shipment) only.

Good Quality
Our range is appreciated owing to the following features:
- Absolutely fire proof
- Resistant to Chemicals and vapors
- Resistant to aging and surface abrasion.
- Easy to clean
- Simple to install with standard tools

Now you can install an affordable mosaic tile that will blend seamlessly into the background and bring rich colors, vibrant warmth, and unique iridescent radiance to your space.

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