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Meet Our Featured Artists.

Each month we feature three of our talented artists. Their artwoks range from paintings, sculptures,
furniture and metal workings, to photography, pottery, glass, woodworking and jewelry

Daniela Bombelli was born in 1964 in Rome, Italy; where she lives and works. She always engaged herself in artistic activities. She has been producing "photographic images" since 2007. For many years she has worked in the music field, in Italy and abroad, as composer/musician and sound engineer in hundreds of projects involving music records, music for television, cinema and theater. In some them, she also held the role of the artistic director. Find more about her at: read more
Kim Levin has been published throughout U.S., Australia, Europe and Asia. Kimís books have sold over a half million copies and have been published in eight languages. Kimís images have been licensed throughout the world on calendars, fine art prints, cocktail napkins, journals, and easel books. Her greeting card and magnet line Molly & Figô appears in gift and stationary stores throughout the U.S. Kimís photography has appeared in People Magazine, Readerís Digest, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Photo District News, Italian Elle, Modern Dog, Bark Magazine, more
I paint what I love...what inspires me. Inspiration can come from simple everyday objects, driving through the countryside or city, or from my creative imagination. I love many things and seek to express the awesome beauty of this magnificent creation of Heaven and Earth through my paintings. Many of my paintings are created intuitively from my imagination and spirit. Painting from my inner world demands existing in the moment--responding to impulses and impressions as they arise and seek external life. My still life pieces and more realistic landscapes and florals are painted more