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"Admirer, 1947 Easter Bonnet"--Retro Portrait of Black Woman
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Portrait of a young woman on Easter in 1947 in her flowered "Easter bonnet," being admired from afar by an interested young man--see him in the distance there? One of my artistic goals is to present and preserve history by portraying anonymous figures from current or past times that typify their particular culture and time in history.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 9.0" width x 12.0" height x .1" depth

Weight: 1

Materials: Pastel, Charcoal

Colors: Brown, Pink, White

$170.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 209511

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Jayne Somogy (Somogyi)

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You've come to the gallery of someone who loves the exotic, loves to design (clothing, costumes, artwork), loves to depict people from all over the world and from different times, and especially dancers--because I've been a dancer all my life, settling particularly on flamenco and belly dance. I love harmonious more

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