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"And God Spoke to the Scotsman" 22"x30" gallery-wrap canvas
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Photograph of a sunburst in late afternoon (often called "God rays") in a lull during a spring storm. Photographed in the Rannoch Moor Highlands of Scotland. Also available as a fine art photographic print for traditional matting and framing.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 30.00" width x 22.00" height x 1.0" depth

Weight: 8 lbs

Materials: Acrylic, Other Materials, Textile, Acrylic, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Canvas, Acrylic, Canvas, Acrylic, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, White

$395.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 10739

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Ron Mellott Photography

"Art is the stored honey of the human soul" - Theodore Dreiser My philosophy is unchanged since I began. Photography, and art in general, is about vision and communication and how one uses the tools of their artform. It is about how we see that makes our images not only unique but more

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