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In The Wind
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In The Wind

In The Wind shows a dry Dandelion, dispensing mature seeds into the wind, seen against a black background.

My wife attended a professional conference at a scenic local in the American West. I anticipated going along with all my photo gear. Sadly, it was not possible for me to make the trip. When my wife returned, she brought me this wonderful puff ball of seeds she had collected near the hotel—carefully protected for the journey home in a tin box. Sometimes it is the effort that is the gift.

In The Wind is one of three images in a series that shows the seeds flying off in the wind.

This image was selected for inclusion in the
Shared Visions Exhibition 2011 sponsored by the Southern California College of Optometry.

Drew Bedo

8x10 . . . . .$150 . . . . .Matted

11x14 . . . . $250 . . . . .Matted

`6x20 . . . . .$350 . . . . .Not matted: ships rolled

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Dimensions: 10" width x 8" height x 1" depth

Weight: 1 lbs

Colors: Black, Gray, White

$150.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 26228

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Shipping $25.00

Drew Bedo

In late 2002 became legally blind. One eye has no useful vision; the other has severely degraded vision. Yet, I see. There are some things that I can no longer do at all, and many things that I must now do differently. Photography is one of them. I create photographic images using more

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