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2 men = 1 camel by Rafal Olbinski
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2 men = 1 camel by Rafal Olbinski was initially created in 1981. This original contemporary vintage poster is in as near mint condition as a poster can be and is linen-backed as are all fine vintage posters. The surrealistic imagery is both humorous and meaningful; like all posters of the Polish School it is meant to be pondered and deliberated upon.

Rafal Olbinski was an important artist of the Polish School of Posters and is represented in many museum collections. Currently, a resident of New York, he has exhibited in several NYC prestigious art galleries.

The poster would look well in any room in your home or office. It is not only wonderful artistically but it also is an exciting conversational piece as well as a prime collector's item.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 39" width x 27" height x " depth

Weight: 1 lbs

Materials: Paper, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Red, White

$275.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 10519

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