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446_Lone Sheaf in Wheat Field_Tall Wooden Camphor Vase with Inlaid Epoxy Design_Free Shipping
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Exquisite lathe-turned, handcrafted Camphor-Wood Vase which measures a very tall 28 & 1/2-inches high. Its diameter is 6 inches. The intricate inlay portrays a single, golden stalk of wheat. This was not painted; it was scrolled out and then filled with epoxy.

The photos shown do not begin to show the beauty of this vase. Its unbelievable mirror-like quality comes from the artist's painstaking finishing technique. People who see his creations in person say that, at first glance, they appear to be glass.

The wood itself came from a fallen Florida Camphor Tree which was saved before being destroyed (gasp!) into mulch. We love trees and have a deep respect for the beauty of Nature.

A Tree is like a Human in that each has its own special characteristics. The darker knots seen in the photographs are a natural part of the wood and manifest the personality of the original tree. The intricate patterns of the wood grain are captivating.

Although it appears to be fragile, this vase is sturdy and durable. It may be washed with a mild dish soap, then allowed to air-dry.

Signed and numbered by the artist, It will become a treasured gift for that extraordinary person in your life. Includes free shipping. 10% of the purchase price will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 6" width x 28.5" height x 25" depth

Weight: 5 lbs

Materials: Other Materials, Resin, Other Materials

Colors: Brown, Yellow

$249.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 46108

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Heart of the Wood

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I rely on the curves of Nature to design a piece. My art comes from reclaimed wood which is now reborn Trees. My wife claims that I speak "Tree." Free shipping is included, and 10% of the purchase price will be donated to The Nature Conservancy. more

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