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5th Wedding Anniversary Gift or Original Art for A Winter Wedding
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Bring nature into your home and add a touch of modern to your home or cabin.

Tree Ring Paintings by Tracy Melton

Original paintings by the original creator of Tree Ring art.

These pre-drilled easy-to-hang paintings are a unique and natural way to give any living or working space a warm and rustic feel.

Reclaimed wood cut from Red Elm trees.

Each piece cut, sanded, painted, clear coated, signed and dated by artist Tracy Melton.

Each painting measures approximately 4.5- 6.0 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep.

Please watch my new video of me creating some Tree Ring Paintings.

It was filmed by a my friend Justin. You can see his work here:

Watch me teach Martha Stewart on her show:

Additional Information

Materials: Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Acrylic

Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow

$300.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 198169

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I am inspired by unique objects that I see in nature: hollowed out trees, wildflowers, salamander spots, clear, cold mountain streams, fungi, rattlesnake skin, moss, lichen on rocks, mountain rain pouring straight down, the Great Smoky Mountains, creek bottoms, Tennessee in the cool and green spring, the Grand Canyon in more

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