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A Splash of Pink
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“I think it was the fog. Maybe it was just too early in the morning to be up. It was the third day of the safari and I hadn’t slept very well since arriving in Africa. It had been so hot during the day and on through the night. That strange third morning the fog set in on the plain and it was so cool I couldn’t resist going for a short walk. I grabbed a whistle to call for help if I encountered something dangerous and wandered off from camp alone. Read the rest on my site.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 48" width x 24" height x 1" depth

Weight: 8lbs

Materials: Fine Art Print, Stone, Canvas

Colors: Pink

$839.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 202017

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Laura Curtin

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Be sure to visit my official website: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin My name is Laura Curtin and I am a wildlife artist from Southern California. Working predominately in oils I create paintings to make people smile. Every painting is a place I would like to be. Although the habitat is true more

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