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Iím kicking it old school but with a new school twist. I have brought back the members of my Senior Social Club. My love for all things old translates to people in this series, a celebration of a culture that comes with old age and attitude. Every wrinkle is highlighted in watercolor, layered on top of tools of their recreational trade.

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Dimensions: 13" width x 16" height x " depth

Materials: Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Brown, Gray, Yellow

$415.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 53357

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Sam Kirk

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Sam believes that she lives in a world that is allowing and pushing culture towards extinction. Her signature artistic theme stems directly from this reality and manifests itself in PROVOKE CULTURETM. Itís a mantra that the artist incorporates into almost all of her work through layered texture and evocation. This request more

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